Month: November 2019

Smart Home Security & Safety Systems market

The Global Smart Home Security and Safety Systems market grow every years and is expected to reach $3,223.2 million by 2026. As this sector is growing, other related sectors such as electricians are expected to grow over the years.
On every Smart Home Security & Safety Systems there are a group of Wi-Fi connected products that are responsible for monitoring and making your home safer. This system include cameras, window alarms, door alarms, sensors , smoke detectors, sirens and motion sensors.
All of these devices communicate each other thanks to Wi-Fi or ZigBee connections.

Panasonic KX-HN6012EW Home Monitoring & Control Kit

This system protects and safes you and your home from any potential criminal activity because it helps you to check your propriety.
Panasonic KX-HN6012EW is a revolution regarding a home monitoring and control system. It has a battery that lasts more to 2 months and a SD card where save the videos and images. It is a view angle to 142ยบ.
This model is compatible with the Panasonic Smart Home System and, for this reason, you can use it with another elements of your home system.

This model has a camera, motion sensor, window and door sensors and a lights and appliances controller.
To connect all of the cameras with the system you can use the Ultra Low Energy to be more safe from hackers than use the Wi-Fi connection.

You can configure the app of your phone to control and use the smart home system and this is perfect for who doesn’t stay at home a lot of time or prefer change and control your home security from remote.

Kodak Cherish F685

This is an indoor security camera that you can buy with a reasonable price to check your propriety when you don’t stay at home.
Thanks the F685 you can view all videos in every time you want because it has the cloud video storage.
Thanks to this camera you can go out without any concerns.

On the F685 there are led indicators to different colour that have different significant, for example power, battery or connection. This camera could be connected by USB and Wi-Fi.
To use this security camera you must have a MicroSD to save videos.
The design of this camera is very modern and unique. You can control your camera and change the different shot from your phone or tablet thanks to the app.

It has the function of night visibility so the video will be great without light. You can heard everything that happen in your home because this camera has also a speaker.
Install and configure the camera is very simple because you have to need only to download the app, create a new account and follower instructions.
This camera doesn’t support Alexa and Google assistant.