Locks Window & Door

One of the best things to guarantee the security of your home is to use an effective lock.  To say which is the best locks for your project you must know different types of locks.  There are a lot of different types of locks but 5 models are the most common.

  • Deadbolt locks: this model is the most common, cheapest for external doors. This lock is composed by a cylinder where you insert the key and after the key is moved the door opens or closed. On this type of lock there is a mechanism to secure the door on the case of forced entry.
    there are 2 different type of this lock; single cylinder or double cylinder.  This lock is usually used to the door with window to make the house safer in case a thief wants to enter.  
  • Combination locks: to open this lock you have need to a sequence of numbers, letters and symbols.  Usually this method uses a rotating dial to insert the combination.
    There are combination locks with a single dial and the combination locks with multiple dial.
    These locks are usually used for padlocks, bike locks, suitcases or safes.
    There are already the electronic combination locks that they are the same operating mechanism but differ combination entry method.
  • Cam locks: this model is very simple and cheaper. This is made of a cylindrical base and a metal piece. This is used to secure cabinets, furniture and a lot of different small compartments. This is very simply that type of locks and for this reason it doesn’t provide a high level of security.
  • Electronic/Stealth locks: every type of locks has an electronic variation to increase security. Every electronic variation opens the lock thanks to a numerical code that you choose.  This method allows a high security because you can decide the code and you can change this every time you want. This method is usually used at offices, safes, clinics and any rooms where only some people can enter; for example, hospitals or banks.
  • Glass door locks: to have the best security for your home if you have a glass door you must to use a combination of different type of locks. The  best for your glass door depends to your situation and home.